Three Types Of Belts That Every Man Should Have

When you are choosing your outfit to go out at night, be it with your friends or a romantic date, you select the trousers, the shirt, and the shoes meticulously to look your best; but have you ever put yourself to reflect on your belt? A belt is not only used to keep your pants tight, but they can boost your personality and add a touch of charm.

In the following article we mentioned three types of belts that every man should have in his wardrobe:


One of the most common and widespread forms of belts, a dress belt looks classic and sophisticated. Of course, it is necessary that you wear it with well-fitting pants so that your belt looks beautiful; You should also make sure it is no more than 4cm wide. Otherwise, the belt will look bulkier and more casual. It is recommended that the color of the belt be similar to the color of your shoes.


The casual straps are the norm nowadays, and they are used not only to lift your jeans but also as a beneficial element; You should consider having at least one casual leather belt because the skin is more durable and more comfortable, do not get carried away by the plastic or vinyl belts. Ideally, a casual belt should have a square silver buckle that is not too bright, and the belt may be a matte finish or a rough surface; the ideal width is between 3 and 5 cm, a wider one would be inappropriate. Just like the dress belts, it is advisable to have them match the color of the shoes. Our absolute favourite casual leather belts are handmade in England, UK by Victory Leathercraft.


Why not add an interesting little touch to your wardrobe? Woven belts are more than an accessory, they give personality to your entire outfit and make you look like a creative person who gives importance to the care of small details; for example, a braided belt with a subtle pattern seems more interesting than just a gray one. Combine it with navy blue cotton pants and get an attractive look.

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4 Basic Tips To Choose Your Ideal Belt

The sum of materials: is sound advice and it’s well worth keeping that in mind. Put simply, if you wear leather shoes you ought to also wear a leather belt (remember: Leather + Leather = the perfect look). If you also add other leather accessories such as a watch strap or veg-tanned leather wallet, you will surely succeed.

Analyze and review your wardrobe mentally: before choosing colors and textures, visualize in your head what pants and shoes you have. Remember that the most important thing is that the belt is a compliment that is consistent with your looks.

The holes have to be always odd: have you ever noticed that most straps have a name of different holes, usually five to be exact? It is no coincidence, that figure is designed purposely to leave two holes free on each side. In this way, the central hole is covered, and aesthetically it is better because it gives a symmetrical appearance.

Use the clips as a reference: the best thing you can do is choose the belt that best suits the loops of each pant in your closet. In the case of Texans, they may want to have more thickness, and in the case of suit pants, they will have to be thinner. Typically, handmade bridle leather belts for jeans will be 38mm wide (1.5″) whereas a belt for suit pants will typically be only 25mm wide (1″).

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